Concordia and Ludwik-Concordia until 1973

(1926 – 1973)

1801 1841 1872 1922 1926-1973 1973-1997 1991-currently

In 1926, company Donnersmarckhutte together with the Concordia mine became a part of Obershutten company. In 1938, Concordia was bought by Gwarectwo Castellengo-Abwehr, betonging to Ballestrema corporation, with its office in Gliwice. The mine put a great emphasis on using its resources in the western part. Mining activities, apart from finite resources, was also dependent of the changing economic and political situation (great economic crisis, world wars, after 1945 becoming a part of Poland). The decline of mining was visible. In 195, Concordia merged with the neighboring Ludwik mine. The new mine Ludwik-Concordia discontinued its activities in 1970 upon merging with Rokitnica mine, which became a part of Pstrowski mine 3 years later.

Mining pits and shafts map of Ludwik and Concordia mines.

Cross section of mine shafts and connections between levels of Ludwik-Concordia

DBachelor’s House, currently Demex headquarters, 1999

Ludwik-Concordia main gate, 1960

A monument on the ocasion of the 100th anniversary of exploatation in Concordia, 1949